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Extract Model Information, C#, Autodesk Design review 2013

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10-17-2012 12:35 AM



After reading many posts on these forums as well as in the API documentation, I am still having some trouble extracting the information I require from the model. The information I need is circled on the model below.


The image has the information that we are trying to get a hold of circled. Currently we are using this code to find information from the model regarding the selected object, however the required information is not included.


ECompositeViewer.IAdECompositeViewer CompositeViewer1 = (ECompositeViewer.IAdECompositeViewer)axCExpressViewerControl1.ECompositeViewer;


foreach(ECompositeViewer.IAdSection Sec in CompositeViewer1.Sections )


ECompositeViewer.IAdContent ObjectContent = (ECompositeViewer.IAdContent)Sec.Content;                       

                        AdCommon.IAdCollection SelectedObjects = (AdCommon.IAdCollection)ObjectContent.get_Objects(1);


foreach (ECompositeViewer.IAdObject MyObject in SelectedObjects)


AdCommon.IAdCollection MyObjectProperties = (AdCommon.IAdCollection)MyObject.Properties;                                                                                                 

foreach (AdCommon.IAdProperty MyObjectProperty in MyObjectProperties)


//Current Extraction code here.

//Successfully gets current object’s details, but does not get its name on the model.





If someone can point us in the correct direction as to how to extract the model information about the selected object it would be greatly appreciated. (also kindly note that the above excerpt has been stripped if application specific information).



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Re: Extract Model Information, C#, Autodesk Design review 2013

12-03-2012 09:38 PM in reply to: ccsdesk

Can you elaborate more on this because i also have to do coding on DWF don't know where to start from.

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