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Edit properties of ToolPallete ( CatalogItem )

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08-23-2006 07:48 AM
I’m kinda new to AutoCad programming and hope I ask the question right :smileyhappy: I atleast couldn’t find another post about this.

Is there a way I can access the properties of a CatalogItem in an existing tool palette?

With the code below I managed to loop through the existing items in the loaded tool palettes.

Public Sub Test()
'Initiate ToolPaletteManager
Dim tp As ToolPaletteManager = Autodesk.AutoCAD.Windows.ToolPalette.ToolPaletteManager.Manager

'Initiate the CatalogItems from the toolpalette.
Dim catalogItemCol As CatalogItemCollection = tp.Catalogs
Dim iter As Long

'Iterate through all items in the toolpalette catalog
For iter = 0 To catalogItemCol.Count - 1

Dim catalogMain As CatalogItem
catalogMain = catalogItemCol.Item(iter)

'iterate through all tool palette tabs
Dim iter2 As Long
For iter2 = 0 To catalogMain.ChildCount - 1

Dim catalogSub As CatalogItem
catalogSub = catalogMain.GetChild(iter2)

'Iterate through all items in the palette tab
Dim iter3 As Long
For iter3 = 0 To catalogSub.ChildCount - 1
Dim palItem As CatalogItem
palItem = catalogSub.GetChild(iter3)

'get the properties of the catalogItem (palItem)

'edit items if needed


End Sub

I found the CustomBaseClass which contains the function .GetToolProperties(), but I have no idea how to use it. If anyone could point me out to the right direction I would really appreciate it.

If you have a better way to access the toolpalette items using VB.Net or C# I would really like to know. I’ve checked the sample SimpleToolPalette, but I can’t make anything out of it, besides creating new Tool palette’s

Many thanks in advance !
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Re: Edit properties of ToolPallete ( CatalogItem )

06-11-2007 03:55 AM in reply to: Ronald22
It's old but did anyone found a solution?
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