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03-01-2006 05:24 AM
Anyone have any experience or information in regards to DxfCode.ExtendedDataBinaryChunk? I am trying to create database links to entities and I believe this is giving me my problems. I am using the following code:

Dim aoResBuf As New ResultBuffer
aoResBuf.Add(New TypedValue(DxfCode.ExtendedDataRegAppName, "DCO15"))
aoResBuf.Add(New TypedValue(DxfCode.ExtendedDataInteger32, 1))
aoResBuf.Add(New TypedValue(DxfCode.ExtendedDataAsciiString, "ltCity")) 'Link Template Name

Dim MyStream As New System.IO.MemoryStream(System.Text.Encoding.Default.GetBytes("9")) 'Key Value
Dim Byt As Byte()
Dim objBr As New System.IO.BinaryReader(MyStream)
Byt = objBr.ReadBytes(objBr.BaseStream.Length)
aoResBuf.Add(New TypedValue(DxfCode.ExtendedDataBinaryChunk, Byt))

mp.XData = aoResBuf

mp is an Mpolygon Object - the code runs fine and the xData is attached, however, the link is ignored....being the first to admit that I don;t fully grasp binary in .NET I'm not sure if the above code is correct or not.

Any info is appreciated...

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