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Demand load from a server.

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07-14-2005 11:30 AM
This may be a stupid question but I decided I should ask before I try to do
it. I've read about demand loading .NET dll's in the registry and I was
wondering if those dll's need to be on the local machine or if I can have
them sitting on a server somewhere? I'd much rather just replace a dll on a
server than having to distribute and installer to each individual.

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Re: Demand load from a server.

07-14-2005 05:52 PM in reply to: *Tim Riley
You'd probably run into some .NET Security issues. you'd need to alter the security permissions on each machine that you intend to run the file on.

There is a command line tool for doing that, though, so it should be easy.

Something like "caspol.exe -machine -quiet -addgroup 1 -url file://MyServer/* FullTrust" should do it.

you can find caspol in c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\version\

You'll have to check the syntax, I just got that from the 2.0 beta2 version, so it might different for 1.1. Message was edited by: Elscimar
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