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Debug Problems Inside a Form

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07-19-2011 06:43 AM

VS 2010-AutoCad/ACA 2012 32 bit-VB


I'm having problems when I attempt to debug.  I'm able to place break points in my projects before I open a form but any break pints placed in the form are ignored.  Instead, I get this message:


No Source Available
No symbols are loaded for any call stack frame.  The source code cannot be displayed.


I have googled but have not found a solution.  Any ideas?





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Re: Debug Problems Inside a Form

07-19-2011 09:04 AM in reply to: Chris.Picklesimer



This is a known issue, here is an article extracted from our ADN knowledge base:



I am trying to create .net Addin based on AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 with Visual Studio 2010. The breakpoints in common classed can be hit, but those in custom forms cannot be hit. I looked into DevNote http://adn.autodesk.com/adn/servlet/devnote?siteID=4814862&id=15032210&linkID=4900509.But it does not help. Change of acad.exe.config will crash AutoCAD.

I tried “Autodesk.Autodesk.ApplicationServices.Application.ShowModalDialog(oForm)” and “oForm.ShowDialog()”, same result.

Is there anything else I can do?



VS2010 debugger does not work well with fiber; the solution is to turn off fiber in AutoCAD .

As indicated in Platform Technologies Customization Newsletter – Summer 2010, fibers are being deprecated, as Microsoft is dropping Windows support for fibers. For more information of fibers, please refer to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms682661(v=vs.85).aspx

To turn it off, you can set NEXTFIBERWORLD to 0, close all documents, and AutoCAD will run fiberless in subsequent documents.  The system environment variable FIBERWORLD can show the current status of fiber.

Another thing should mention is: using NEXTFIBERWORLD = 0 the Ribbon might stop working – when you click on a button on ribbon, nothing happens. You can use command line as a workaroud.



Philippe Leefsma
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Re: Debug Problems Inside a Form

07-19-2011 12:56 PM in reply to: leefsma

Thanks.  I can get by without the ribbon during development.

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Re: Debug Problems Inside a Form

08-24-2011 10:00 AM in reply to: leefsma

When I set nextfiberworld to 0, I lose my command line the next time AutoCAD is opened and I can't do anything in AutoCAD.   It is like it is locked up.


If I do a CTRL ALT DELETE, click END TASK for AutoCAD, the Command Line shows up.     I then hit Cancel when the window shows up asking me if I really do want to end AutoCAD now and I can then use AutoCAD. 


Anybody else experiencing this issue?



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Re: Debug Problems Inside a Form

08-25-2011 10:16 PM in reply to: mconley



Almost the same here, commandline not responsive, only after some point and click over the menu to call appload and then cancel it, i got a useful commandline.


I think we need a service pack or at least a hot fix to deal with this "feature". Think in an application making some ribbon customizaation, and using some WF to guide a user to select options in this customization... there is no way to debug that kind of application, and sure will show up some others scenarios with that kind of problem.


Gaston Nunez


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Re: Debug Problems Inside a Form

04-23-2012 09:13 PM in reply to: gasty1001

This doesn't resolve the problem for me.  I'm using VS2010 and AutoCAD Map 2012, and even with this variable turned off, I still get the error message when I try to debug even the simply 'helloworld' applicaiton.


Gives this message...


Initialization of 'Autodesk.Windows.RibbonItemControl' threw an exception.

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