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Dealing with Keywords but also alllowing double and return key enter as well

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07-11-2012 02:15 PM



I am trying to get my code to work more like some of the built in autocad commands below is the code I have come up with. However if the string returned is not a Keyword or a string that can be converted to a double it is then not acceptable input. How do I jump back to re ask for the input. I could use goto I guess but thats not good practice is there a better way?




'ask the user if they want to accept the sureface level at the lid level or enter a new one


Dim acDoc AsDocument = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument


Dim pKeyOpts AsPromptKeywordOptions = NewPromptKeywordOptions("")


Dim CurrentLidLevel AsDouble = oStructure.RimElevation

            pKeyOpts.Message = vbLf &

"Structure Lid Level:" & CurrentLidLevel






'pKeyOpts.Keywords.Default = "New"

            pKeyOpts.AllowNone =



Dim pKeyRes AsPromptResult = acDoc.Editor.GetKeywords(pKeyOpts)


SelectCase pKeyRes.StringResult




'Do nothing

                    Lidlevel = CurrentLidLevel




'ask user for grade to use

                    Lidlevel = acDoc.Editor.GetDouble(vbCrLf &

"Enter New lid level of Structure").Value




'Enter key hit


"using surface level for lid level")


Case Else


'Check if input was a number that we can work with




Double.TryParse(pKeyRes.StringResult, Lidlevel)


Catch ex AsException






'enter pressed do nothing





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Re: Dealing with Keywords but also alllowing double and return key enter as well

07-11-2012 03:16 PM in reply to: ralstogj

Use GetDouble with PromptDoubleOptions and AutoCAD will automatically reprompt if the user enters anything that is not a double or a keyword.  Setting AllowNone = true allows the Enter Key.

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