customize rotate selection, is that possible

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11-26-2005 12:26 AM
I was told that I can seek help inthis NG for the rotate selection I am
trying to achive, below is what I have done..

1.select the line, and click the rotate icon, the screen pops up asking
specify base point. I selected a base point
2. specify rotation angle or copy/ reference. I selected copy click enter,
it shows rotating a copy of the selected objects.
3.specify rotation angle or copy reference, I select reference
4. specify the reference angle, I select the base point and the end first
line, then the end of 2nd line
5. the line is rotate to the correct
6. That's it? I was hopping that I can rotated more lines via click the end
point of the new rotated line so that I can keep rotating....(wouldn't it be
easier that go over those step again and again?)

Similar to copy selection function, one can keep copy and pasting the same
object simply by clicking on the point....I guess this should be named
"rotate selection "

Is it possible to add a Marco in the customize>rotate>properties>Marco?

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