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Custom entity wrapper – trapping error if DBX is not loaded…

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11-20-2006 04:08 AM

I had created a custom entity derived from AcDbEntity in unmanaged C++ using ObjectARX 2007 wizard. I also created a suitable ARX application to draw the custom entity in AutoCAD, just to serve as a proof that my DBX part is coded fully and working fine.

Then I created a managed C++ wrapper for the above said custom entity using mixed mode code. This also went flawless.

Then I created a managed C# application in which I will use this custom entity, through the wrapper and post it to AutoCAD’s database. This too went flawless.

The dependency relationship is like this:

C# UI depends on wrapper. Wrapper depends on DBX.

But my problem is this: I want to have a mechanism that will help me to throw a user friendly message when the dependent module is not loaded. This mechanism is required in the managed application end, to check whether the wrapper is loaded or not. I had successfully done this. The mechanism is also required in the wrapper to handle the exception when the required DBX is not loaded. I am unable to successfully trap this exception.

In the class of acrxEntryPoint.cpp in wrapper I have the InitAppMsg handler:

virtual AcRx::AppRetCode On_kInitAppMsg (void *pkt)
AcRx::AppRetCode retCode =AcRxDbxApp::smileysurprised:n_kInitAppMsg (pkt);

The exception due to unavailability of DBX is thrown at AutoCAD’s screen even before entering these lines of code.

Any idea, how to trap this exception?

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