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Can't select block after redefining it.

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02-24-2012 11:51 AM

Hello Forum,


after I redefine a block (I make it bigger), I can't select the block by clicking on the part that's gotten bigger. It is as if AutoCAD still remembers the outlining of the previous smaller block and if I click outside this outlining it doesnt select the block. If I save, close and reopen the drawing everything is fine and I can select the block as normal.


Why is this caused?


Thank you.


// Insert from dwg file.
using (dbInsert = new Database(false, true))
    dbInsert.ReadDwgFile(strDwgPath, System.IO.FileShare.Read, true, "");
    oidInsert = dbActive.Insert(System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension(strDwgPath), dbInsert, true);
// Regenerate the drawing


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Re: Can't select block after redefining it.

02-24-2012 12:57 PM in reply to: Ertqwa

... insert random untested code here ....


Dim doc As Document = Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument

Dim ed As Editor = doc.Editor
Dim db As Database = doc.Database 

Using tr As Transaction = db.TransactionManager.StartTransaction()

Dim bref As BlockReference = Nothing


.. do stuff




(defun botsbuildbots() (botsbuildbots))
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