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Call COM object from AutoCad 2011

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07-22-2012 12:16 PM

I tried to call COM object created by C# from other C# module.


I did:

1. Create simple COM object by C#

2. Register it

3. Try to call this COM from other C# console application - it works fine

4. Create simple AutoCad module by C# with IExtensionApplication

5. Try to call this module from AutoCAD - it works

6. In Initialize() method I wrote:


Type myClassAdapterType = Type.GetTypeFromProgID("CoreAdapter.CoreAdapterClass");

 acDoc.Editor.WriteMessage("Type is OK: {0}", myClassAdapterType.FullName);

 object myClassAdapterInstance = Activator.CreateInstance(myClassAdapterType);



6. Open AutoCAD again

7. Load my module

8. I saw "Type is OK" (becase it was registered in registry)


But I can't create instance.


Can you help me?

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Re: Call COM object from AutoCad 2011

07-26-2012 03:41 AM in reply to: pva75



It is tough to suggest from the information you have provide.


So, I will try to suggest few suggestions…


  1. First as test, implement a command in AutoCAD plug-in and try to instance in the command.
  2. Check whether your code is throwing any exception by using try and catch block
  3. Also try to add new line character “\n” in your “WriteMessage” like “ed.WriteMessage("Test" + "\n");


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