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C# Reflection SDK Sample Update

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01-25-2006 07:23 AM
I thought I'd try this one more time. I didn't realize how large the
assemblies made the Zip file. I tried re-sending them and apparently the
entire topic is corrupted. You can read the message below and if you would
like to review the ObjectARX Reflection sample in C# instead of VB.NET,
e-mail me and I'll send it to you (without the assemblies). :smileyhappy:


I re-wrote the ObjectARX 2006 Reflection sample in C# and thought maybe some
of you might want to look at it. It's set up using a VS 2005 project but I
suppose it wouldn't be very difficult to delete the project files and create
a new one if you wanted to open it in VS 2003. If so, you probably want to
delete the debug assemblies too, as they are built on Framework 2.0.

I added a loading script file to automatically start AutoCAD while
debugging. Just change the path to your file system configuration to use it.

If you need any help with the sample you're welcome to contact me.

I added some additional code to reflect parameters but didn't spend much
time on it. I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult if someone wanted to
expand on the parameter info. If so, send me a copy. I think I got the
reflection code loops right but maybe someone who knows AutoCAD databases
better than I can comment whether I missed anything.


Fred Chateau
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