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Bind Xref, Explode, Purge All, Zoom Extents, Save

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01-03-2012 08:52 AM

I would like to run a routine that would Bind Insert Xrefs, Explode, Purge All, Zoom Extents and Save the file. I am not very lisp/.net savvy, so I was hoping someone out there could provide me with a routine that does just that.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Bind Xref, Explode, Purge All, Zoom Extents, Save

01-03-2012 09:32 AM in reply to: e2luc

If you know nothing about programming

1. Just enter the commands at commandline and use a "-" before commands that display a dialog box.

2. Press F2 and copy history

3. Copy and paste in NotePad

4. CleanUp

5. Save as a .scr file



You can drag and drop the file on a open drawing, call it from a tool palette, etc.....


Example of Bind and Purge


Copied from Command Line

Command: -XREF
Enter an option [?/Bind/Detach/Path/Unload/Reload/Overlay/Attach] <Attach>: b
Enter xref name(s) to bind: *
No matching xref names found.
Command: -PURGE
Enter type of unused objects to purge 
geometry/Empty text objects/All]: a
Enter name(s) to purge <*>:
Verify each name to be purged? [Yes/No] <Y>: n
Deleting block "*U18".
Deleting block "*U20".
Deleting block "*U23".
3 multileader styles deleted.
No unreferenced groups found.

 After removing all comand prompts and leaving just commands & keywords






You can also find your answers @ TheSwamp
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Re: Bind Xref, Explode, Purge All, Zoom Extents, Save

01-03-2012 07:37 PM in reply to: e2luc

You can try EXPLODEALL.vlx to bind xref and explode them while keep the original color and trim off objects outside the xref clipping boundary.




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