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Autoloader Balloon Notification

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09-14-2011 08:29 AM

Hi All,


Not sure this is the correct place to ask this question as it is not directly .NET related, but it seems to be the only place the Autoloader tool is being discussed.


I wanted to start by saying... THANKS!  The autoloader is amazing and something we have needed for years!


My question is...


Is it possible to control the description that is displayed in the balloon notification that pops up when AutoCAD is started after loading an app?  As of now, all it says is... "Unnamed plugin has been successfully loaded".  I have tried changing a few values in the XML with no luck.  Is this something I need to set in my .NET application?



Got it!


I had a malformed Tag in my XML code!

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Re: Autoloader Balloon Notification

09-15-2011 05:23 AM in reply to: Rob.O

Have you checked out Kean Walmsley's blog post? Kean provides a XML example you can check out.





If this fixed your issue, click on "Accept as Solution"

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Re: Autoloader Balloon Notification

09-15-2011 03:56 PM in reply to: andrewpuller3811

Got it!


I had a malformed Tag in my XML code!

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Re: Autoloader Balloon Notification

08-30-2012 03:59 AM in reply to: Rob.O

I am facing the same problem, can you tell me the solution for the problem?

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Re: Autoloader Balloon Notification

09-05-2012 10:41 AM in reply to: tulsimehra
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Re: Autoloader Balloon Notification

09-05-2012 10:47 AM in reply to: Rob.O

Download any app from apps.exchange.autodesk.com, and you'll see the correctly formatted PackageContents.xml. The first element will look something like this:


<ApplicationPackage SchemaVersion="1.0" AutodeskProduct="AutoCAD" ProductType="Application" Name="DWF PDF BatchPublish" AppVersion="1.1.1" Description="ADN Plugin of the Month: DWF PDF Batch Publish" Author="Virupaksha Aithal" Icon="./Contents/Resources/Batch Publish.bmp" AppNameSpace="appstore.exchange.autodesk.com"HelpFile="./Contents/Resources/ADNBatchPublishHelp.htm" ProductCode="{64E90406-E99C-4244-88A9-8E8C5A9562B0}" UpgradeCode="{58C9D20C-4D43-4172-A98D-B15C5AA17677}" SupportedLocales="Enu">


Some of those parameters are 'internal' parameter the Exchange store team add so (for example) helper apps like 'App Manager' can query for updates online. But the Name parameter is used by the ballon notification, as is the HelpFile parameter.


And a hint - Most problems people seem to be reporting with PackageContents.xml is because they have a typo which has created malformed XML. Make sure you check the formatting before you start rewriting everything - for example, by opening your XML in a web browser.



Stephen Preston
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