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Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime.Exception: eDuplicateKey

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07-10-2012 09:07 AM



I'm getting a Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime.Exception: eDuplicateKey exception when I load an assembly of my plugin on AutoCAD Map 2013.

I've searched in the forum and i saw that this exception might be related to some command method duplicated, but I've checked and i have 4 commands with a different name for the 4.


Could you help me on finding why this is happening. By the way, I've installed the 2013 autocad .net wizard for VS2010, and everytime I create a AutoCAD Project, it creates myCommands.cs, myCommands.resx and myCommands.Designer.cs. This is normal? Could this be related to the issue that i'm reporting?


Thanks and kind regards,

Diogo Santos

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Re: Autodesk.AutoCAD.Runtime.Exception: eDuplicateKey

07-11-2012 05:02 PM in reply to: DiogoSantos

Those files should be there in your project.


Are you sure you've not duplicated a global or local command name in your CommandMethod attributes, or that you've not setup demand load settings that are somehow trying to load two versions of your plug-in DLL?


Other than that, its a bit hard to help if you don't post a simple project or any code.



Stephen Preston
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