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Re: Are there docs on learning VB.net for acad?

09-20-2005 10:25 AM in reply to: *James Maeding
"VBA.NET" is called VSTA (Visual Studio Tools for Applications) and was
announced at last week's PDC. See


"James Maeding" wrote in message
I have never liked the com object model because of the lack of utility
functions like GrDraw, GrVecs and GrRead.
I am hoping the .net api will allow me to mimic the things I used to do with

Its interesting that VBA still uses old VB but .net is the current "outside"
acad language.
Wonder if we might see VBA.net sometime, or if that even makes sense...

Mikko <>
|>Bottom line is there is no more VB6. It is out-of-date and I believe, now
unsupported by Microsoft. VB.NET is VB and has been for the last several
years. Do not get confused with this. I think what most people are talking
about is whether to learn the COM.Interop or the new .NET API which was
released for 2006. They both work very well, separately or together.

James Maeding
Civil Engineer and Programmer
jmaeding - athunsaker - com
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