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Are all dlls needed for the Import Sketchup exchange app?

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05-02-2013 11:05 AM

I saw the import sketchup app mentioned in an AU 2012 handout, and downloaded and installed it.

I have C3D 2013 on a win7 64 bit system.

So it installs where it should but does not load its stuff to the ribbon but I did not care.

I found the arx it is running "....\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\Autodesk ImportSkp.bundle\Contents\Windows\2014\Win64\AcSketchUpImportSkp.arx" and loaded it by hand.

I then found its command by typing import at command line, and waiting to see what the command suggestions showed.

Importskp was on the list so it worked.


I then uninstalled the app, extracted the msi to some folder, and loaded the arx from there.

It worked fine.


So the whole exchange app wrapper is a bit rediculous to me, since you could do it all by providing the tool files and any menus, then a lisp that loads things.

The user loads the lisp and it all works. May be old fashioned, but its easy to troubleshoot, unlike the xapps wrapper.


Now for real question. Why does the tool need all the seemingly duplicate dll files in the Converter folder?

I see "acdb19.dll", ouch, shouldn't the tool be using the dlls in acads install folder?


Does this have something to do with realdwg?


How could I pare this 37 mb beast down to the minimum needed assuming I load the arx, and run at command line?


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