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Another strange one...

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05-27-2005 08:09 AM
Ever since I installed 2006 from a network deployment (single user license)
I have been having this strange problem in Visual Studio (2002). When I try
to build a Merge Module (even a brand new, empty one) I get this compiler

WARNING: Unable to copy the schema file '(null)'
ERROR: Unable to build folder named 'Module Retargetable Folder'

Previously, I had 2005 and 2006 installed from the CD, but I removed them
both to test a network deployment of 2006 that I had created. It may be a
coincidence, but ever since I did that, merge modules will not compile. I
even tried uninstalling VS and reinstalling it. I checked, and the merge
module schema file does exist, and it is exactly where Visual Studio is
supposed to be looking for it.

Has anybody seen this problem or know how to fix it? I already Googled both
error messages, but came up pretty empty. I found one link detailing this
exact problem, but no resolution was offered.

Has anybody else here encountered this problem or know how to fix it?

This is just not my week....

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