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ADT managed DLLs

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11-02-2006 03:27 PM
I have two issues. They are AutoCAD issues as opposed to ADT issues so I'm posting here:

1. AecBaseMgd.dll is provided in OMF 2007. If I write code against it and execute it in a DWG with ADT objects (so the ADT object enablers are loaded), no problem. However, if I try to execute the code BEFORE the object enablers are loaded, AutoCAD blows up with some kind of assertion failure. So my first question is: is there any way to force the enablers to load using .NET code?

2. To get finer granular control, I would also like to reference AecArchMgd.dll which is included in the ADT 2007 but not OMF 2007. This gives me access to ADT doors, windows, etc, and not just the AEC geo object. However, if I try to execute code that manipulates these objects (doors, windows, etc.), I get the same assertion failure EVEN IF I've got a DWG with these objects in it. Any ideas here?

I've submitted these issues to ADN, but I'm wondering if any of the gurus reading this board have any insight.

thanks in advance, Chuck
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Re: ADT managed DLLs

11-03-2006 07:56 AM in reply to: chuck.han
I think I've found a solution to (1), but it depends on how .NET sees custom objects:

I can check to see if an Entity is of type "...ImpCurve" before executing a method that is dependent on Aec*Mgd.dll. That way, the Aec*Mgd DLLs won't load unless there are ADT objects in the DWG (which implies that that ADT object enablers have been loaded, right?)

The question is: do custom objects also look like "...ImpCurves" because if they do, my test will blow up AutoCAD when it tries to reference an Aec*Mgd DLL without the ADT object enablers necessarily being loaded...
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