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Add Support paths via DLL vb.net

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04-15-2014 02:33 AM

I have created a ribbon and would like to add the support path's in to autocad when the ribbon is loaded


I only want to add the Support path if it has not already been added


I would want to add somthing like


C:\Program files\Folder1

C:\Program files\Folder2

C:\Program files\Folder3

C:\Program files\Folder4


But if folder 3 was already there for some reason i would like it to skip folder3 and then add the other ones that wernt aready there

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Re: Add Support paths via DLL vb.net

04-15-2014 05:11 AM in reply to: makepeace1

Try with this code.


Public Sub Set_Path()
        Dim acad_pref As AcadPreferences = Autodesk.AutoCAD.ApplicationServices.Application.Preferences
        Dim C_Paths As String = LCase(acad_pref.Files.SupportPath)

        Dim Old_Path_Ary As List(Of String) = New List(Of String)
        Old_Path_Ary = C_Paths.Split(";").ToList

        Dim New_paths As List(Of String) = New List(Of String)

        New_paths.Add("C:\Program files\Folder1")
        New_paths.Add("C:\Program files\Folder2")
        New_paths.Add("C:\Program files\Folder3")
        New_paths.Add("C:\Program files\Folder4")

        For Each Str As String In New_paths
            If Not Old_Path_Ary.Contains(Str) Then
            End If

        acad_pref.Files.SupportPath = String.Join(";", Old_Path_Ary.ToArray())

    End Sub


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Re: Add Support paths via DLL vb.net

04-15-2014 06:15 AM in reply to: Ajilal.Vijayan

I also want to add the trusted locations if the version of autocad is 2014 or above


I have done this in a lsp file but how would i do it in the dll ?


(if (>= (getvar "ACADVER") "19.1")
(setvar "trustedpaths" (strcat (getvar "trustedpaths")




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Re: Add Support paths via DLL vb.net

04-15-2014 08:06 AM in reply to: makepeace1
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Re: Add Support paths via DLL vb.net

04-18-2014 06:30 AM in reply to: Ajilal.Vijayan

Just adding my two cents.  Working through the Options tabs to consolidate a stock configuration for our office.  A few differences in setting various paths.

    <CommandMethod("setconfig")> _
    Public Sub setconfig()
        Dim acpref As AcadPreferences = Application.Preferences
        Dim acDoc As Document = Application.DocumentManager.MdiActiveDocument
            'Misc Variables
            Application.SetSystemVariable("filedia", 1)
            Application.SetSystemVariable("gridmode", 0)
            Application.SetSystemVariable("copymode", 0)
            acDoc.Window.WindowState = Window.State.Maximized
            acpref.System.BeepOnError = False
            Application.SetSystemVariable("trustedpaths", ";C:\Forum_ACAD\2014\;" & ";R:\2014\;")

            acpref.Files.SupportPath = ";C:\Forum_ACAD\2014\" & ";R:\2014\;" & acpref.Files.SupportPath

            'acpref.Files.EnterpriseMenuFile = "R:\2014\Menus\Forum-2014.cuix"
            acpref.Files.PrinterConfigPath = "R:\2014\Plotters\"

            acpref.Files.PrinterDescPath = "R:\2014\Plotters\"
            acpref.Files.PrintSpoolerPath = "C:\Temp\"
            acpref.Files.PrinterStyleSheetPath = "R:\2014\Plotters\"

            acpref.Files.TemplateDwgPath = "R:\2014\Templates\"
            acpref.Files.QNewTemplateFile = "R:\2014\Templates\file-types.dwt"

            acpref.Files.TempFilePath = "C:\Temp\"

            acpref.Display.DisplayScrollBars = False
            acpref.Display.XRefFadeIntensity = 50
            acpref.Display.GraphicsWinModelBackgrndColor = 0
            acpref.Display.CursorSize = 100
            acpref.Display.LayoutDisplayPaperShadow = False
            'acpref.Display.ModelCrosshairColor = "Color 42"

            'Open Save
            acpref.OpenSave.SaveAsType = Autodesk.AutoCAD.Interop.Common.AcSaveAsType.ac2013_dwg
            acpref.OpenSave.SavePreviewThumbnail = False
            acpref.OpenSave.AutoSaveInterval = False
            acpref.OpenSave.IncrementalSavePercent = 0
            acpref.OpenSave.CreateBackup = False
            acpref.OpenSave.FullCRCValidation = True
            acpref.OpenSave.LogFileOn = False
            acpref.OpenSave.DemandLoadARXApp = Autodesk.AutoCAD.Interop.Common.AcARXDemandLoad.acDemandLoadOnObjectDetect
            acpref.OpenSave.AutoAudit = True
            acpref.OpenSave.ShowProxyDialogBox = False
            acpref.OpenSave.TempFileExtension = "ac$"
            acpref.OpenSave.XrefDemandLoad = Autodesk.AutoCAD.Interop.Common.AcXRefDemandLoad.acDemandLoadEnabled
            acpref.OpenSave.ProxyImage = False

            ''Plot and Publish
            acpref.Output.AutomaticPlotLog = False
            acpref.Output.ContinuousPlotLog = False
            acpref.Output.DefaultOutputDevice = "Adobe PDF"
            Application.SetSystemVariable("BackGroundPlot", 0)
            Application.SetSystemVariable("AutomaticPub", 0)

            acpref.Drafting.AutoTrackTooltip = False
            acpref.Drafting.AutoSnapTooltip = False
            acpref.Drafting.AlignmentPointAcquisition = 0
        Catch ex As Exception
        End Try
    End Sub


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