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Add Property to .Net Project - PnPDatabaseMode

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08-30-2012 01:59 PM

I'm using the following code to add a property to a table.


var prj = PlantApplication.CurrentProject.ProjectParts["Piping"];
                PnPDatabaseMode prevMode = prj.Mode;
                prj.Mode = PnPDatabaseMode.Exclusive;
                using (PnPDatabase db = PnPDatabase.Open(prj.DataCacheFile))
                    PnPTable enginitems = db.Tables["EngineeringItems"];
                    if (enginitems.Columns.Contains(projectcolum))
                    PnPColumn col = new PnPColumn(projectcolum, typeof(string), PnPDatabase.DefaultStringValueLength);
                prj.Mode = prevMode;

However, I get an error in the Datalinksmanager when I try to set the PnPDatabaseMode to Exclusive.  Any ideas?


The PnPDatabaseMode was shared, but the error says it's already opened exclusive.

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Re: Add Property to .Net Project - PnPDatabaseMode

09-05-2012 01:03 PM in reply to: dave.wolfe

The database is already opened in the project so trying to go exclusive on another instance of PnPDatabase will always fail.


Try changing the code to this:


        [CommandMethod("PNPADDCOL", CommandFlags.Modal)]

        public static void PnPAddCol()


            var prj = PlantApplication.CurrentProject.ProjectParts["Piping"];

            PnPDatabaseMode prevMode = prj.Mode;

            prj.Mode = PnPDatabaseMode.Exclusive;


// commented out wrong code


            var db = prj.DataLinksManager.GetPnPDatabase();



            //using (PnPDatabase db = PnPDatabase.Open(prj.DataCacheFile))


                PnPTable enginitems = db.Tables["EngineeringItems"];

                if (enginitems.Columns.Contains("TestNewCol"))


                PnPColumn col = new PnPColumn("TestNewCol", typeof(string), PnPDatabase.DefaultStringValueLength);





            prj.Mode = prevMode;


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