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Accessing AutoCAD 2006 OEM with Delphi .NET (2005)

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08-02-2005 06:37 AM
Hi Folks

I'm currently occupied with my diploma thesis. My task is to find solutions on how to link alphanumeric data from an oracle database with AutoCAD drawings (preferably dwg).
using Delphi 2005 (.NET) as programming language. The purpose of this technology could be an application with which users can choose buildings/floors/rooms
from an "explorer-like" tree, displaying alphanumeric information,like "cost center" of the building/floor/room, from an oracle db as well as the appropriate AutoCAD drawing.

The db part shouldn't be a problem. Did Something like that in the past.
With AutoCAD, ActiveX and so on I'm not to experienced.

As viewing components I tested the DWF-Viewer, DWF-Composer, Volo View 3 and AutoCAD 2004 so far.
All of them have several disadvantages.

Right now I give it a try with AutoCAD 2006 OEM (trial) - In the US it may be called REAL DWG, I'm not quite sure if it is the same.
I imported AcCtrl.dll from the AutoCAD 2006 OEM directory into Delphi. A component was built and added to the toolbar: AxACCtrl.
This component can be embedded on a delphi form. I'm able to load AutoCAD drawings and send AutoCAD commands (like you would on the AutoCAD command line)
using the "PostCommand" method. The drawback is that I don't get any information back, whether the execution of the command was successful or not.
Is there any other possibility to control AutoCAD using the AxAcCtrl?

I read about the .NET API which is included since AutoCAD 2005, but to me it seems as if it can just be used to build AutoCAD-"plugins".
Is this correct?

Perhaps I can use the ActiveX API? But one of my projects specifications is that I can use it in-process (embedded in a Delphi form).

Do you have any clue how what to do ?????

Any help, information or ideas are highly appreciated


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