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ACAD2006 bug: Custom TabbedDialog launching new Dialog

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11-07-2006 04:00 AM

It's either a bug or something's seriously wrong
with my dev. configuration :-)


Platform: ACAD2006, VS.NET 2005, .NET 2.0 (both
WIN 2000 SP4 and WIN XP SP2)


Steps to reproduce:


1) open ..\ObjectARX
2006\samples\dotNet\TabExtension example

2) add "Browse" button onto the TabExtension

3) this button should launch simple Browse For
Folder dialog or any other dialog

4) run the demo... NETLOAD... etc...


5) run "OPTIONS" command and see TabExtension
control neatly injected into Options container

6) press the "Browse" button to launch another
dialog out of custom TabbedDialog

7) ACAD locks up :-) (CPU usage reaches
and keeps at 100%)


Seems to me like good old focus stealing
between opened dialogs... If anyone runs onto any workaround to this -
please post.



Maksim Sestic





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