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Wich Hardeware Part is the most important for Naviswork Freedom

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03-25-2011 12:27 AM



We want to create an mobile workstation for promotion purposes.

The most important thing is that this laptop can show easily an 3D model (nwd files) with a size over 1,5GB.


We are standing on a PhD grant and we need to show a few demonstrations from our engineering department.

We want to show this to many people as possible. Thats why the mobile workstation needs to load en show every model very fast without hitch.


My Question is: Wich Hardeware Part is the most important for Naviswork Freedom?


I will order a Lenovo W701 with an i7 920 cpu.

8GB DDR3 memory

Nvidia FX2800M Graphics Card.


But i'm in doubt wheter i choose an HHD or SSD,.


Anybody knows how much the SSD will improve the overall preformance?


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Re: Wich Hardeware Part is the most important for Naviswork Freedom

03-25-2011 01:55 AM in reply to: neoxq

Hi there,


I'm sure users will chime in with their various configurations, but from my observations, the primary limiting component in Navisworks is the graphics card, along with memory but with a 64-bit Navisworks & OS and 8GB RAM you should have less trouble there. I'd recommend Windows 7 as Microsoft implemented a fair number of optimisations in RAM & VRAM handling in that OS.


Unfortunately, the mobile market is relatively limited on graphics chipset choices - the chip you mention is at the bottom end of the Nvidia high-end mobile range. I would certainly recommend looking at the higher end chips, such as FX4000M or even FX5010M if smooth large model navigation is your goal. Navisworks makes every effort to provide this no matter the hardware, but better hardware never hurts :smileyhappy:


Given that typical laptops have relatively poor harddrive configurations out of the box, an SSD would not hurt the performance of paging in very large models. I'd certainly recommend researching the differences between standard HDs and SSDs before jumping one way or the other though.


Hope that helps,



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