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where to put a modified clash_report_html_tabular.xsl in Project Directory?

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09-04-2012 11:07 AM

I have modified the clash_report_html_tabular.xsl, but I don't want it to override the one in the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Manage 2012\en-US\stylesheets. 


Can I place the modified version in the Project Directory?  If so, what folder should it be in?  I've set the Project Directory folder structure according to the HELP file.  I also want to replace the Autodesk Navisworks logo with the company's logo.  Can I place the logo in the Project Directory too?

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Re: where to put a modified clash_report_html_tabular.xsl in Project Directory?

09-17-2012 04:25 PM in reply to: SUBBB


Unfortunately isn’t possible.  The style sheet is read from that folder C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Manage 2012\en-US\stylesheets. If you are modifying it, you’ll want to back up the out of the box one.  We wouldn’t recommend it unless you have a good understanding of stylesheets.


You can submit your feature requests, or feedback, directly to our development team:


Regarding the logo please refer to the following blog:





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Re: where to put a modified clash_report_html_tabular.xsl in Project Directory?

09-18-2012 11:37 AM in reply to: fernanda.firman

Count me in on that, too (I'll throw in a proper feature request later, right now I've got an ODBCConnection object gnawing on one ankle and an ODBCDataAdapter object on the other... &*(#$* ADO.NET hydra...).  Being able to drop a customized stylesheet into a project, site, or other folder would be a nice feature for those of us fluent in XSL.


In the meantime, it might be possible to export the report as raw XML and manually add the stylesheet reference in the header, and have the XML dynamically transformed to HTML as the report file is opened.

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