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Re: Visible Light Source

03-15-2011 07:25 AM in reply to: chubbard



Thanks for the review. I hope you do not consider this a desired behavior. Most of the Revt light families have a photometric web for their source, and all of the manufacturer provided lights I have seen do as well. I know the architect and engineer spent a lot of time setting those properly for rendering purposes and now we have to go through and undo all that work.


Why does the NW exporter even export the light source when it is turned off in the export view from Revit? Is this going to be resolved going forward?


Again thanks for tracking down the issue I hope to see a correction soon in future releases.

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Re: Visible Light Source

03-15-2011 11:51 AM in reply to: chubbard

Hi chubbard,


This is not desired behavior. 

I was able to reproduce this issue creating my own example by adding a light fixture and modifying its family to specify an IES file for its Photometric Web of its light source. The result of the NWC export was that the photometric web of a light source takes on one of the materials of the light fixture and merges with those solids from the light fixture in the selection tree.

I have logged this issue with our developement team.

Best regards,


John Lipp

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Autodesk Product Support

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Re: Visible Light Source

08-01-2012 11:16 PM in reply to: chubbard

Whenever a revit file is being exported to a navis format the light source (the visibility being made off in revit) gets turned on navis.Is it possible to have the same settings of import standard from revit to a navis file though we can make changes manually in an imported navis file.In bottom we dont want to see light source in navis.

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