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viewpoint report to excel?

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07-30-2012 05:13 AM

I am doing some clash detection for a project...


I would like to create a "clash report", that I can track all of our clashes and be able to hand out at meetings.


I want the excel speadsheet to just list the same names as my "saved viewpoints" and the following columns in excel be able to be editable - things like Priority levels, open or closed, etc. - I know these settings are also in Navisworks when running the clashes...



Is there ANY way to export to excel that would be helpful to me? I would rather not have to manually type the HUNDREDS of clashes that there are. Even if I have to fill out the columns myself, getting this exported in some way to excel would be a great starting point.


I know you can export to a xml file, but I do not want to do the clash reporting like that.


The "quickest" work-around I can think of is exporting to xml, open with internet explorer and then manually copy and paste each clash... hardly fast, and way to tedious for me...





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Re: viewpoint report to excel?

07-30-2012 07:23 AM in reply to: tfisch86

Export your clash report to Html (tabular)

7-30-2012 10-15-01 AM.png


and then open the html file in Excel.


7-30-2012 10-16-40 AM.png


You should get something like this:

7-30-2012 10-19-28 AM.png

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