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Using Custom Colors.txt File With RVM Files

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11-30-2009 02:34 PM
I'm trying to setup custom colors using the standard colors.txt and the PDMS_colors.txt that come with NW. I have placed a copy in the "...\Application Data\Autodesk NavisWorks Review 2009\rvm" folder. I have tried adding both new lines and modified existing ones. However I still get the same results a grey color of 153, 153, 153.

I know that I'm missing something but have not been successful in locating help topics on this process.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Re: Using Custom Colors.txt File With RVM Files

12-01-2009 03:56 AM in reply to: mlstoner
Forgive the silly question, but are you certain the file you're testing with actually references the colour value you are modifying?

The colour values are fetched from the colors.txt - the PDMS_colors.txt is a template that could be renamed to colors.txt if you wanted the PDMS standard colour scheme.

If, for example, the file refers to a colour value of 50, this is mapped to Wheat, which is mapped to 96,87,70 (RVM colour values go from 0-100). If you wanted a different resulting colour for Wheat, you'd change the entries to, say, 30,30,30 for a dark grey.

I hope that helps,


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Re: Using Custom Colors.txt File With RVM Files

12-01-2009 07:11 AM in reply to: mlstoner

All questions welcomed silly or not.

I was using the colors.txt file for my testing but I failed to adhere to the colour value range of 0-100 as you stated. After adjusting the colors and staying in the 0-100 range it worked fine.

I was confused because even the PDMS_colors.txt had colors defined above the 0-100 color range. I was trying to brighten the colors for use on a projector which seems to always be a little darker then the actual computer screen. This was pushing them way above the 100 range per the color dialog box within NW.

I wish I could get them a little brighter on the automated side but can work around that.

Appriciate the help,

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