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Trouble converting from .dwg to .nwc or .nwd after NW crash

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02-08-2012 07:12 AM

Our network was disconnected which caused Navisworks to get locked up. When I reopened the autosave version of the file that I was in, it was operating really slow and not allowing me to navigate the file. I started to experiment with the file and found that a single file seemed to be causing issues. I went back to the original .dwg file, and tried to open the file and it is acting strange, no geometry is visible in the view and the Ctrl home does not find the geometry, the view cube has dissappeared and when you click in the model space objects in the selection tree highlight blue as if you are selecting an object. I have attached a .NWD of the problem file.


The way I built my original NWF was by using the batch utility to automatically create nwd's from .dwg's. I am not sure what triggered this issue. I have recieved a new file from the original detailer assuming that this would fix the issue, but when I tried to open the file I got the same result. His original file seemed to be working fine before Navisworks locked up, but now it seems that this particular file has been corrupt. Other files from the same detailer seem to work fine.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Trouble converting from .dwg to .nwc or .nwd after NW crash

02-08-2012 10:17 PM in reply to: tymaloney

I would think also the problem is within the DWG file.

Try using AutoCAD to "saveas" in different DWG file formats (2000, 2007, 2010) and see if any of them can be attached to the (copy of the) NWF correctly

If not, try the command wblock to save as DWG (in different formats, 2000, 2007,2010) and use select all, not "entire drawing" This should create an even more cleanded up DWG.


Was the DWG made with AutoCAD ?

Was it made with another AutoCAD product, perhaps then you need the right Object Enabler for AutoCAD or NavisWorks. In this case, first do the tests above without Object Enablers, then install the newest object enablers and try again, this time directly with NavisWorks...



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Re: Trouble converting from .dwg to .nwc or .nwd after NW crash

02-09-2012 05:48 AM in reply to: tymaloney

The detailer posted a new file after using the wblock command. The file is working now. Thanks for you help!

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