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Transformation One Axis ONLY!

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07-20-2012 06:24 PM

So we can only transform along a single cartisian value? i.e along X once. stop then Y, stop then rotate.

We've been working for 16 hours, searching forums, re-reading doc's and came to conclusion Navis transform is out to destroy our sanity.

Please advise.

Our work around is to ever so delicately transform in one axis - using AutoCAD to determine the center of the initial rotation then along the X then the Y using a background control file to QC results.




2013 Navis Manage SP1


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Re: Transformation One Axis ONLY!

07-23-2012 10:00 AM in reply to: gregoryx.robinson

Hi gregoryx.robinson

There are two methods to rotate a model in Navisworks

1. To rotate an entire cad file about a single axis you can use File Units and Transform. In the dialog, you enter the degrees of rotation and a point for the vector of the axis to rotate.  For example, to rotate about the x axis, you enter 1 0 0.  If you want rotate about a vector that runs from 0,0,0 to  1,1,1, you enter 1,1,1.

2. You can also rotate an entire file or individual items using Item Tools > Transform > Rotate.  Rather than manually dragging the gizmo, if you need precise rotation, you are able to slide out the transform panel, and enter XYZ values for the origin of the rotation and degrees to rotate about XYZ.  You can rotate multple times for instances about the Z axis and then about the X axis.

If you have a recommendation for another functionality, I recommend sending this through our feedback portal here:

Our development monitors the information that is sent through this page.

Best regards,

John Lipp
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Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: Transformation One Axis ONLY!

07-24-2012 01:45 AM in reply to: gregoryx.robinson

Other way:

append the CAD files in a "wouraround"NavisWorks nwf", use File units and transform to Rotate in one direction (so that Z is up) around 0,0,0 and to scale to the right dimension.

Save as NWD


Append these NWD in your real Navisworks, use File units and transform to Rotate in the direction (so that X is north or whatever) around 0,0,0 and to move to the right location.



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Re: Transformation One Axis ONLY!

07-25-2012 09:11 PM in reply to: john.lipp

John, use that method to transform 3 to 4 hundred meg files from ...

Use Grid Point R.21 for point of rotation.
The 66.63277777777778 deg rotation the transformation center is:

D1X Grid Point R.21 is:
X=92348.04438717   X= 7695'-8.04438717"    X= 7695.71105383666666666666666666666667
Y=203078.29853832  Y=16923'-2.29853832"    Y= 16923.46520498666666666666666666666667

OC23 Grid Point R.21 is:
X=72659.80327830  X=6054'-11.80327830"   X=  6054ft 11.80327830  X= 6054.983607 

Y=109949.89466498 Y=9162'-5.89466498"    Y=  9162ft 5.89466498   Y= 9162.491222

Delta X is: -1640'-8.24110888"       -19688.24110888
Delta Y is: -7760'-8.40387334"       -93128.40387334
Delta Z is: -94'-1.00000000"

and tell me how it works, because we're just not getting it, and your reply is as unhelpfull as the Navis Help files.


To date the only success is to use the transform for the delta X,Y them re-establish the ceter of the rotation in the Items Tools rotate area and enter the values using the ft as a delimiter between the feet and decimal inches, I mean who pyt ft in a numerical value? what are you guys thinking? Play with it and watch how it changes the numbers you add in the dialog boxes and inserts the ft.



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Re: Transformation One Axis ONLY!

07-29-2012 04:11 PM in reply to: gregoryx.robinson

Thanks to Jerry Peach of M & W - who was able to explain and show us what we were doing wrong.

Using Units and transform from contect menu (Not Item Tools!!!)


Units: Inches
X (ft)18537.87670825250000    Y (ft) -4614.11629653750000   Degrees  66.6327777780000000

Translate 18537.87670825250000    -4614.11629653750000

66.6327777780000000     Degrees About

0           0            1


it worked. Problem appears to be the dialog can not accept "ft" as indicated.


Thanks Jerry!

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