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Tooltip (quick properties) hang time

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09-04-2012 06:25 AM


Is it posibble to adjust the "hang time" for the quick properties tooltips displayed for 3D objects in the scene view?


I see that on my windows 7 computer the Navisworks Simulate 2012 toolstips for ribbon tools stays open as long as I keep the cursor still above the tool button. The quick properties tooltips on objects dissapear a bit too quickly and they also disappear quickly even if you do not move the cursor.



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Re: Tooltip (quick properties) hang time

09-05-2012 04:10 PM in reply to: ulski

Hi ulrikdanchristensen5066

By default the time that the quick property remains displayed is 4 seconds.  However, you can override this through running the options editor in advanced mode:

1. Open Navisworks.

2. Click Application button and hold down the SHIFT key while you click options to open the options editor in advance mode with additional options.

Note: These are advanced options and should only be changed if directed by support, or you are an advanced user who knows what you are doing. 

3. Expand to General > Overrides > Tooltips

4. The default of 0 will allow for 4 seconds of the quick property display.  You can enter another value in milliseconds and the quick property should display for that duration so long as you don’t move the mouse from the item. 

5. After making the change, click OK.  You’ll need to close and reopen Navisworks for the change to be made.

As an example, I entered 25000 and the quick property remained displayed for 25 seconds.

Please let me know if you have further questions.  If this resolves the issue, please mark this post as resolved.

Best regards,

John Lipp
Support Specialist
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Autodesk, Inc.

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Re: Tooltip (quick properties) hang time

08-08-2013 07:13 AM in reply to: john.lipp

thank you, I didn't see your reply until now one year later... I didn't know about press shift to extra extra options - interesting




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Re: Tooltip (quick properties) hang time

12-30-2013 08:16 AM in reply to: john.lipp

John, is there a way to have multiple quick properties windows on at the same time??? I take a lot of snapshots and have to label everything. This would be a great shorcut. 


Thank you.

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Re: Tooltip (quick properties) hang time

01-07-2014 11:57 PM in reply to: jalcaraz
Your question is posed a bit wrong: you should ask if it is possible to convert Tooltips into redlining that is stored within the viewpoint. If we all ask for that, it could be included in a next release...
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Re: Tooltip (quick properties) hang time

01-08-2014 08:32 AM in reply to: Patrick_Aps_9121

we have many many years ago suggested that the tagging feature in markup could be set to pick values from item values (on a meeting in sheffield :smileywink: )  - typically our models have 3d cad objects with an attribute that is a GUID or "tag" and people would love to be able to "label" the objects directly with out having to type it in manually. weather you want to link a labeling feature to object properites or to smart properties I don't know - perhaps - I havn't though about using the smart properies for this. That might bring some benefits, but it would be a draw back in the way that the user is no longer free to pick from properties? Also remember some companies are using object to database link and it would be an extra bonus to be able to label with database values



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