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Stereolithographic output (STL file)

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I'm using Navisworks Simulate 2012, and I can't get it to do anything useful. Firstly let me say I've got no real idea how to use it (nor do I want to). Someone has already modelled an object in incredible detail for me and I want to create a physical prototype for the big management types that like things they can see and touch (you all know what I'm talking about!). I am not the engineer, I'm the guy with the 3D printer.


Anyway, what I need ultimately is an STL file that I can send to my 3D printer. I'm not having much luck converting it - Navisworks seems to be very limited with its output options and the sheer size of the model is really screwing with it (**** thing won't export to FBX over 4GB - yes it's the software, yes it's 64 bit, yes it's NTFS, it is definitely a flaw in Navisworks).


Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can either get this to STL or into a program that can give me an STL?





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Re: Stereolithographic output (STL file)

11-23-2012 03:43 PM in reply to: whittyjeff

While you don't want to know how to use it, you should know what it does.  Navisworks Simulate is *not* a file converter.  Its a review tool that allows a user to compile 3D information from a wide variety of sources such as Revit, Civil3D, Inventor, CADWorx Plant, PDMS, CATIA, plus a host of others through generic 3D formats such as SAT, IGES, and others.  It also allows the creation of NWD files which can be viewed by others with the Freedom viewer program.  There's a few other things it can do, but thats not germain to your questions.


You made no mention of how the source material came into being (Solidworks?  Bricscad?  AutoCAD?  Inventor?).  That program is the best bet for getting a file that has sufficent resolution and accuracy for 3D plotting.  If you only have an NWD, you'll need to go back to wherever it came from and get the original data.  If you can't do that... well, you're pretty much hooped.

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