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searching for the same parameters from different file types in Navosworks

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I am trying to find a way to searching for the same parameters from different file types in Navis works.

For Example:

In a project I am working the team members use different software applications.

They all agreed to use a specific set of parameters in their project so we can search for them in the Navisworks environment .


In Navisworks we combine the different file types.

Now we like to search all the oblects in that model with a certain value in a specific parameter.

For example the parameter "Comment" and value "Approved".


In the Revit file I have to search for:

<category>  <name internal="LcRevitData">Element</name>  </category>
<property>  <name internal="revit_Comments">Comments</name>  </property>


for IFC I have to search for:

<category>  <name internal="LcIFCProperty">IFCPROPERTYSET</name>  </category>
<property>  <name internal="IFCString">Comments</name> </property>


When I make a search set in Navisworks of both Navisworks use the AND option.

I like to have the OR option.


Is there someone who can help me with this?





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