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Revit MEP colors in Navisworks

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08-30-2012 06:45 AM

I have already seen this and did not solve my problem:


When I try doing the above, it wants me to select a "material"... I do not need to set "materials" as I am not using it for render.. I just need to set the COLOR. Setting the COLOR alone is not an option that it gives me.


I want my model to appear in Navisworks with the same colors as defined in the "Lines Color" box, under "object styles" in the "vg" menu.


You would think this would be something easy just like how .dwg files bring in their own color. I just want the same colors as the MEP guys are seeing.


I have also tried in "navisworks settings" checking the "convert element properties" box, but that does not help with the color.

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Re: Revit MEP colors in Navisworks

09-14-2012 12:13 PM in reply to: tfischer

Materials is what comes over from Revit to NW.  The colors as defined either with Filters or Object Styles does not transfer.  I recommend: in NW use SearchSets to filter thru the systems and the Appearance Profiler to set the colors.  Main thing to remember to do, export/save out your SearchSets and the DAT file of the Appearance Profiler.  The SeachSets.xml can then be used in other projects, and the DAT file can be recalled by the Appearance Profiler when needed.

Here is a brief blog on the subject:

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