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Re-setting the file expiration date

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04-05-2010 12:24 PM
We recently started with new client that wants us to set an expiration date for the NWD's we create for clash detection and publish out to the project. We have been having a problem with the NWD & NWF files expiring in the middle of the day. The date/time are set correctly on the computer, and I don't see any thing that would cause Navisworks to be in a different time zone (e.g. GMT instead of PDT) Is there a way to go back and re-set or turn off the expiration date, after the fact? Also, does anyone know why the NWF would also be automatically set to expire when you publish the NWD and is it possible to turn that part of it off?

Thanx for any help!!!
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Re: Re-setting the file expiration date

04-06-2010 02:44 AM in reply to: mdsonline
Given your situation where your client asks you specifically to set an expiration.

Is it possible to request/suggest the client again to adjust the expiration?

In most cases (... always) that the client does not approve... you can publish 2 sets nwd files, the first nwd file will have the expiration date and another that does not have an expiration date (uncheck the expire prior to publishing).

Also I don't think its possible to reset once the nwd file expires, it can never be opened again.( on my understanding this is how navisworks was designed )

Now to a question that got me interested, The NWF expired... I think for nwf to expire is when the user is trying to open the expired nwd file or the nwf is referenced to the expired nwd file.

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