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NWC model issue

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06-06-2011 06:20 AM

Hello, I am relatively new to Navisworks, please see the attached image.  When I append and add several NWC’s, they are not aligned correctly within the building.  Does anyone know what would cause this issue?  How to resolve this issue? – Thanks.  

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Re: NWC model issue

06-06-2011 07:22 AM in reply to: msdynamix

A Lot ov variables could be the cause.  I t would help if you could provide some more info, sych as what program did you use to generate the nwc. 



Michael L. Maloney
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Re: NWC model issue

06-06-2011 07:41 AM in reply to: mike

I am using the addin, Navisworks 2012 file export, in a Revit MEP 2011 project to create the nwc.

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Re: NWC model issue

06-06-2011 12:16 PM in reply to: msdynamix

Hi msdynamix,

When exporting your NWC files, are you using Shared or Project Internal coordinates in the exporter?  You can check this by clicking the "Navisworks Settings" button in the Navisworks exporter. By default, it is set to Shared.

If you are exporting using shared coordinates, are the models aligning properly in Revit when you link them?

Best regards,


John Lipp
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Re: NWC model issue

09-19-2011 01:41 PM in reply to: john.lipp

I have a similar issue. I have two seperate models that I have linked within Revit - their origin points align correctly.  I have then opened a navis model (nwc.) and have proceeded to append the second model within Navisworks from Revit 2012 by Add-Ins & External tools, however when I complete this task, the models are not alligned in Navisworks.  


I have searched for the shared/project internal coordinates under exporter for Navisworks, but did not have any luck locating this.  Can you give me some more direction on this?   


R. Rankin

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Re: NWC model issue

10-19-2011 01:43 PM in reply to: msdynamix

I've run into this before when the architect and structure don't line up.

See if the project basepoint is in the same location for both Revit files.  If they are different try changing them to match and see what happens.


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Re: NWC model issue

10-02-2012 04:24 AM in reply to: brian.knapton
I have found the cause of the issue... This problem only seems to effect Revit models imported into Navisworks. It really is something that requires addressing by Autodesk. The issue is with the Project Base point location. Revit has a default "internal" origin (this internal origin is not accessible or viewable by mere mortals such as us). It is known as the "Project Start Up Point" Your Project Base point needs to be at that location (it is by default). obviously you can give the project base point any value you want, provided it remains at that "Project Start Up Point" location. It doesn't effect other revit models as they are linked via the shared co-ordinate utility. However when you import those models independantly into navisworks thats where your problem occurs. Somewhere in the modelling process either your or their models have had the project base point move from its default location. How do i check if my project base point as at this “Project Start Up Point”? The Project Base Point can be reset to this "Project Start Up Point" point by setting it to unclipped, right clicking on the icon and selecting Move To Start Up Location. It will divert revert to this default location. Navisworks will use shared co-ordinates, but it will only use this “Project Start Up Point” as the insertion point for the Revit models imported into Navisworks
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