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Re: NW-Revit MEP 2013 - Pipe Fittings not showing up as 3D

07-19-2012 05:46 AM in reply to: buttons129

I must disagree, the Exporter isn't a workaround, afterall it came first.  Your workflow for color-coding would be the same even if the NWReader worked correctly.  Look into using the Appearance Profiler in NW.  Basic steps:

1) Export an NWC from Revit and open in NW.

2) Create your SearchSets

3) Assign colors to the SearchSets with the Appearance Profiler

4) Save the NWF

5) Export the Appearance Profiler DAT file (when new objects are introduced in updated NWCs, you will most likelly need to reload the DAT and rerun the Appearance Profiler) 

6) Export your SearchSets (may not need to reload these, but doesn't hurt to have a backup just in case)

7) Publish your NWD and send it out.

When you update the NWC from Revit, just overwrite the existing NWC that your NWF is referencing (or move it to a backup folder, then when NW can't find it, you will have a prompt to Reload From where you can select your new version of the exported NWC)

Check your color coding, and if need be, rerun the Appearance Profiler (see step 5).  The SearchSets should work just fine.

The link below has more on the Appearance Profiler:


Export from Revit Settings:
See attachment for the basic settings I use.  The view you export needs to be set to FINE Detail Level.


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Re: NW-Revit MEP 2013 - Pipe Fittings not showing up as 3D

07-20-2012 04:53 AM in reply to: dennis

Dennis you are a star.

it is a much better way to do things and i have passed on the tips to my colluegues in the office and they are fired up as we have a better approach to similiar problem.


thanks again

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Re: NW-Revit MEP 2013 - Pipe Fittings not showing up as 3D

07-20-2012 12:20 PM in reply to: dennis

Here is a blog post about Search Sets.  Makes sense to me.

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Re: NW-Revit MEP 2013 - Pipe Fittings not showing up as 3D

08-30-2012 01:50 AM in reply to: dennis

There is a way of appending revit files directly in to a NWF file which shows all pipe fittings but unfortunately it can be a long winded affair.

You need to go in to each family file and change the visibility/graphic overrides so that BOTH the medium AND fine boxes are ticked under the detail levels.

Next, reload the family into your project, overwrite the existing family and then save/synchronize your project file.

Refresh your NWF file which the Revit project file is appened to and hey presto, your fittings should be displayed fully.


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