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Navisworks Manage 2010 Presenter Rendering Issues

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12-17-2010 11:18 AM

I’m using Navisworks Manage 2010 and trying to use the presenter portion of the program to render and export images. After the render completes, the program freezes and you can’t do anything and have you have to close it. I tried turning hardware acceleration off and tried adjusting the memory limit setting, but neither of these made any difference. I also tried installing SP1 and no change. Any ideas?

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Re: Navisworks Manage 2010 Presenter Rendering Issues

12-17-2010 05:27 PM in reply to: cmiller

Hello cmiller,

How much memory is installed, and is it a 32bit or 64bit machine?

The following article describes how you can optimize your system resources for rendering: 

 Maximize System Resources


Here are some additional articles that are linked within that article:

 Enabling the 3GB switch on Windows XP 32



Audit an imported model



Model components are far away from the main model



Error: You have run out of memory. Please reduce the amount of memory used.


Please try exporting your image with only the Navisworks application open and try reducing the number of processes running in the background on the machine to a minimum.

Also, right after clicking the OK button in the Export Rendered Image window to start the rendering process, try hitting the key combination Windows Key + D, to minimize everything on the desktop so only the rendering progress bar is shown. The application may appear to pause for a short while, but will eventually minimize, which will free up some system resources. 

Best Regards,

John Lipp
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could mr Lee mullin help me please about rendering problem.....

02-15-2011 12:28 AM in reply to: cmiller



when I import 3d sketchup views into navisworks manager 2011 . imported sketchup 6 views can be visible in navisworks screen but in poor resolution (picture quality).  I have been trying out to adjust imported sketchup views but ı could not make them better.... ( I use windows 7, 4gb ram and intel i7 processor) . is there anyway to improve view quality on navisworks's screen....


I have also made some settings from global options but notting changed so far....


furthermore I have noticed that when I rendered the current imported view at presenter....  the current imported view has been perfectly rendered  but it was freezed. could not move when I moved the cursor on the screen or clicking onto screen , rendered view turned back into previous face so unrendered poor quality state.


any help would be most valuable for me





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Re: could mr Lee mullin help me please about rendering problem.....

06-16-2011 02:13 AM in reply to: alatriste15

Hi Ali,


Sorry, only just seen this, I hope the answer is still relevant.


So the 'Render' button is intended only to provide a preview high quality render, not provide realtime rendering. Depending on the graphics card and available resources on the machine and the complexity of the model and number of materials and lights you may be able to get higher quality realtime naviagation. Firstly you will need to switch to Full Lights and Full Render on the Viewpoints tab. Then depending on if your graphics card supports it, you can switch on things such as Interactive Materials and Interactive Lighting in Options > Tools > Presenter. More help can be found about all these settings in the Help guides but you will need a high end card to support these without significant drop out.


I hope this helps

Lee Mullin
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