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NavisWorks Data tools

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11-04-2009 12:49 PM
I am using NavisWorks Manage 2009 and am trying to establish a data link with Bentley AutoPlant. I am using standalone bentley project so the database is local MS Access file. I am also using the standard datalink for local project provided by Autodesk/NavisWorks. When I do the datatools in NavisWorks 5.5 I have not problem seeing the AutoPlant data, when I try the same with NavisWorks 2009 I don't get the AutoPlant Data, not tab under properties or anything. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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Re: NavisWorks Data tools

11-06-2009 03:10 AM in reply to: jamierichard
It simply didn’t work on NW2009 with AP XM.
You need to install NW2010 for other solution.
The reason for that is that NW2009 just isn't bringing in the Comp_ID, needed for establishing the link.

A work around: create an NWD with NW5.5, and open it in NW2009.
This because NW5.5 brings in the Comp_ID into the NWD.

So you can create a datalink from within NW2009 between the created NWD V5.5 and the DB.

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Re: NavisWorks Data tools

11-19-2009 02:39 PM in reply to: jamierichard
I am trying to configure NavisWorks 2010 SP1 to connect to an Autoplant Central Multi-Project database that has been integrated with Bentley ProjectWise. I am using the "Oracle 10" datatool. What modifications to the SQL String do I make to point to a specific Autoplant Project ID? I have attached a copy of the default string.
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