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Navisworks 2013 Corrupt Error

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12-21-2012 01:42 PM

I receive the following error upon opening a NWF file.


Navisworks Error.jpg

 I am able to save the NWF but am unable to save or export a .nwd file and receive the following error.

Navisworks Error2.jpg


Any ideas on what is wrong?

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Re: Navisworks 2013 Corrupt Error

01-11-2013 04:56 AM in reply to: Rcole

The first error message means that Navisworks attempted to read in a given block of geometry from the file and that block failed to validate (most likely from an NWD). The second error message is a knock-on effect. We can't save out a new file with corrupt data, as we'd be saving out a corrupt file. The existing NWF can be saved because the specific block that is corrupt isn't saved into the NWF (it comes from a file that the NWF is referencing, and the NWF would still successfully save that reference).


Is drive N mapped to a network location? Do you get the same error if you try the same full set of files from your local hard disk?


There is a possibility that opening/saving over a network can yield corruption in translating the file between local memory & a remote location. We've had cases where opening & saving NWDs transfers the data in a different manner vs just copying the file & in that case the data can be corrupted during the network transfer by the time it reaches the local PC.


Hope that helps,



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