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Naviswork Animation - Frame rates? HELP!

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01-31-2013 01:22 PM

So I am creating some vitural tours of a building. I am new to the animation process in Navisworks and need a "frame rate" question answered.


My model is fairly large, typically, when using navisworks, I go up to "Home tab" > "File Options" > "Speed" and I change the frame rate from a default of 6 to something like 15 for easily zipping around the model for coordination.


Now, when I change this frame rated to 15 or even 10, when zooming, panning, etc around the model, once you "move" the camera position, the graphics have to "catch up"  i.e. - I have huge curtain walls, and I orbit around, and when I stop, all the windows fill in - typically takes a few seconds.   -- This is all fine and good for my own use.


But now I am trying to create a nice animation for the owner. When changing the "frame rates" like mentioned above, I get a smooth animation, BUT the objects are NOT completely loaded when running the animation. I have NOT exported to AVI file yet so I do not know if that will "clean up" the movie or not?


I do not want only half of my curtain wall appearing during the animation, I want the whole thing as it should look. If I change the frame rate down to '1', the animation gets WAY too choppy and is almost unplayable.



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Re: Naviswork Animation - Frame rates? HELP!

01-31-2013 03:58 PM in reply to: tfischer

Just for clarification, the "guaranteed frame rate" is for moving around the model live.  I'm not certain this has an impact when exporting animations, which has a separate frame rate setting.


For clear animation I'd recommend 15-20 frames-per-second.  Don't count on being able to create a minutes long, single-sequence AVI at a decent resolution with a heavily detailed model even with a mondo-system and decent CODEC.  You'll probably need to chop it up into seconds-long chunks and stitch them together afterwards (consider 15 FPS x 60 seconds is rendering 900 images).

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