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Navis Simulator 2010 Opening Run Error

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04-29-2010 07:21 PM
I installed Navisworks Simulator 2010 in windows 7(64bit) with N/W License its works last time but recentely not.Even i cant run application if i click start -all programe-autodesk-navis sim 2010 link nothing appear please give me solutions ? Edited by: prsekaran on Apr 30, 2010 2:31 AM
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Re: Navis Simulator 2010 Opening Run Error

04-30-2010 01:29 AM in reply to: prsekaran
Hi Prsekaran,

Please see this thread for recent discussions on the same issue in Navisworks Manage:

In summary, it might be one of several things:
1) There may be a hardware acceleration problem - open the standalone global options dialog and change the Interface > Display settings.
2) Your saved workspace file has somehow become corrupt - see instructions on that thread to delete that file (in the file path replace 'Manage' with 'Simulate').
3) You may have a bad installation of .Net Framework 3.5 (as occurred for a user on that thread).

Of course, it may be something completely different so the general approach for any crash should be:

1. Submit the Customer Error Report. If you can, include your email address and a comment explaining what you were doing. If your problem is one commonly seen, you will get a response explaining fixes and possible workarounds. If not, Autodesk get to know about the problem and can start working on a fix.
2. Try turning off hardware acceleration (graphics drivers are the most common cause of crashes at startup).
3. Try removing the lastsession.xml file to reset GUI layout back to the default state.
4. If you can, try using a different machine. A suprising number of problems are caused by hardware faults.
5. If you have a support contract, contact support.

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Re: Navis Simulator 2010 Opening Run Error

05-13-2010 07:49 PM in reply to: prsekaran
Dear Susan,

Because of Urgent i formated Whole Pc and Installad again ,i can use Nawis sim2010 but half way NS2010 stoped ( "error Unhandled Exception ") and windows stoped error also apear ..

please give me solutions
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Re: Navis Simulator 2010 Opening Run Error

05-14-2010 04:35 AM in reply to: prsekaran
Hi Prsekaran,

I'm sorry to hear that you continue to have difficulty running Navisworks Simulate, but I think you are describing a different error now because the application was already open and running when the error occurred. You will need to submit the error report to Autodesk, adding additional comments to describe your actions at the time the error occurred.

Unfortunately without more information it will be very difficult to advise you how to resolve your problem.

Kind regards, Susan
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Re: Navis Simulator 2010 Opening Run Error

05-26-2010 01:58 PM in reply to: prsekaran
Hi Prsekaran,
Your original issue of not starting Navisworks could be tied to a corrupt Cascadeinfo.cas file.

A reformat of your system corrected the original error, but I expect the above link may have been your cause.

As for your exception issue- depending on where the exception occurs, errors of this nature can be tied to graphics card conflicts (An exception while opening or navigating a model) or installation corruption (An exception while starting the application).

First, turn off your Hardware acceleration. This can be done with Navisworks closed.
1.) Click Start > Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk Navisworks **YOUR VERSION** > Options Editor and the Options Editor window will open.
2.) Click Interface > Display and uncheck “Hardware Acceleration”.
3.) Click “OK” to close the dialog.
4.) Try to start Navisworks.

Next I would update your Graphics card drivers to the manufacturer’s latest available version. Specific CAD drivers do not necessarily work best for Navisworks.

If newer drivers do not prevent the exception from occurring, I would “Repair” your installation from the Control Panel and retest. If the error occurs after a repair, uninstall the application entirely and delete the following folders on your system:

C:\Autodesk\Navisworks Simulate 2010
C:\Documents and Settings\**YOUR USERID**\Application Data\Autodesk Navisworks Simulate 2010\
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Simulate 2010

Turn off your Antivirus and any other unnecessary desktop widgets and install Navisworks.

Thank you for participating in our community!

David Dembkoski, Autodesk Product Support Edited by: dembkod on May 26, 2010 8:58 PM

David Dembkoski
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