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Is there an alternative to Navisworks?

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06-19-2012 02:38 AM

Hi All


May seem like a strange question for a Navisworks forum but I'm wondering if there is other software I can use to achieve the same thing as Navisworks and clash detection ...not bothered about timeline/animations etc.


Essentially we're looking at buying Navisworks and I know I'll get asked the question "What other software can do the same thing?", so I thought I'd have a few answers prepared.


So is anything else available?  What limitations/problems do they have? Recommendations/Warnings?


Any thoughts on this would be greatfully received.


Thanks for the help.



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Re: Is there an alternative to Navisworks?

06-19-2012 07:47 AM in reply to: Brelin

For clash detection, there isn't much.  I think Bentley has a "Navigator" product with a separate clash detection plug-in like the old pre-AutoDesk Navisworks products.  A lot of applications are now including clash detection but typically it only works for their own models and is part and parcel of their application.


For coordination there is some use of 3D PDF, although I find it a bit clunky compared to Navisworks, and despite the format being published and available from ISO there is only one creator of export software that I know of (Tetra4D).  You can open it with standard Acrobat Reader which can be a benefit since there is no need to download/distribute releases of Freedom.  Thats not much different than distributing Reader updates though.  Until recently, only 3D PDF could have 2D sheets in addition to a 3D model but Freedom has DWF sheets now as well.

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Re: Is there an alternative to Navisworks?

06-19-2012 01:19 PM in reply to: Brelin



Bentley Navigator


Navisworks is the best. Played with BIMsight some (who can pass up free?) but it can't open nearly as many file types as Navisworks and that just doesn't do most of the time.



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Re: Is there an alternative to Navisworks?

06-20-2012 08:56 AM in reply to: bbrown

Thanks for the responces they are very helpful.



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Re: Is there an alternative to Navisworks?

08-21-2012 05:13 PM in reply to: Brelin

Old topic I know but hey, info is info.


Frank Gehry developed free (for now) alternative to navisworks. In future their charging will be project based so it will be more affordable than Autodesk's subscription deal.


there is another one which is still in beta which has all the navisworks features and more, but I forgot the name of it. MIsix or something like that unfortunately I can't find anything on it yet. I am sure once it is out of beta it will be advertised a bit better.

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