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How to specify an object is to work as a ground surface

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12-16-2010 08:05 AM

When I try to walk on a Civil 3D corridor, I fall through unless I have also created a surface model of the corridor. Is there a way to specify that the corridor itself is an object that can be walked on?

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Re: How to specify an object is to work as a ground surface

12-16-2010 10:39 AM in reply to: tcorey

Hello tcorey,


Navisworks needs to have a surface mass of some sort for collision to interact with. If you have gravity turned on, you will fall until you interact with an object. So, if you have a corridor with no mass to walk on, you would fall as there is nothing to interact with. If you turn off gravity, you will not fall.


I am not sure what your end goal is in this particular situation, if you are just walking around, turning off gravity after you reach the desired height is probably the way to go. If you were looking to try and make a walkthough of some type, I would make a viewpoint animation and let Navisworks take care of the camera movement.   


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