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Have navisworks Model (V13)- Need Movie made

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I am a structural engineer that lives in Mexico but telecommutes for a US firm in Florida. We use Autocad for our final 2D deliverables and Aveva's PDMS for all our 3D modeling on our primary projects which are industrial (pulp paper, bio-mass, etc). Since our clients use/have consultants that use a wide variety of 3D modeling packages, we all export our individual parts of the projects and then combine the various exported files  into a Naviswork model(s).


Since moving to Mexico, my wife and I have gotten involved in a home for minor girls (age 6 months to 17). We sponsor two of the girls and my wife sews clothes, curtains, pajamas, etc. for the girls. The home is currently located in a town along the shores of Lake Chapala, Jalisco, MX. The folks who run the home would like to build a larger complex that would have (5) homes with ten girls in each (they currently have 16 girls)  that would look more like a village but would still provide a "home based" living arangement (rather than an institution).


I orignally agreed to draw up some plans (2D AutoCad floor plans) of the village and indiviual buildings/objects in the village. Needless to say, I've round up modeling all this into a PDMS model and then exporting it all into a Navisworks model to add textures, etc.


I'm a pretty good PDMS modeler but don't really know jack about Navisworks. I told them I would produce a movie (animation fly-by if you will). This is were I need serious help.


The Request for Help:


The NW (V2013) model file is currently ~100mb. I have an animation path mostly defined (meaning its not completed yet). When I try to either export the animation as an AVI movie file, or just export the *.jpgs, each frame/picture takes like 20-30mins to do. I'm using a Dell M4600 (W7, 8GB ram, NVIDIA Quadro 2000M). When I've made the path shorter or simply canceled the process, the photos/movie looks fuzzy (not at all clear and crisp like a individual rendered scene looks).


So, can someone either PM me their contact info so I can either call them for advice on what I'm doing wrong, or send them the model file(s) and they can make the movie or figure out what's causing the issue(s) on my end.


I've attached a photo of the 25 acre complexe. As I said it's modeled like a village with a village square, school, church, homes for the girls, adult living areas, etc.


I guess with the Autocad drawings, modeling in PDMS, and learning how to use NW, I probablly have 600 hrs in this model but it really is for a good cause.


Any help would be appreciated.

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