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From Timeliner to 3DS Max

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11-03-2011 08:51 AM

Is it possible to export a construction sequence to 3DS Max in order to render faster with better resolution.  Our clients are asking for 3DS quality videos, but takes too long to set-up manually in Max.




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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

11-03-2011 08:54 AM in reply to: julianboswell

i don't think you can export out animations from navisworks

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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

11-03-2011 08:57 AM in reply to: DarrenP

Doesn't make sense - clients want photorealism and we are still delivering cartoons. 

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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

11-04-2011 07:50 AM in reply to: julianboswell

It may not be photorealistic but Simulate *is* accurate technically - something media-centric animations lack.  If you want both realism and technical accuracy that requires a major investment in hardware, software, and training.  Thats usually beyond the scope of work for engineering companies that use Simulate, so in the rare cases its part of the client requirements it typically gets contracted out to a media production company.


Its also important to educate the clients on whats possible, whats needed to get the results they are looking for, and the costs and time involved.  Most client reps are not technical types but management who only know "Hey, that looks cool!  Lets do that!".

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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

11-06-2011 09:43 PM in reply to: julianboswell

I agree with dgorsman, Timeliner simulation is different from a normal animation. It uses the project schedule either in MS project, primavera or Excel format to link with the 3D model on the project which then simulates the construction based on the schedule in the linked project file. The Simulation seen in the Timeliner is accurate to the scheduled start and end dates as per the linked scheduled file.

On the other hand 3DsMax is not a simulation software. It can only animate the model. 3DsMax cannot link any project files and perform the construction simulation based on a scheduled time frames.

In case the client is insisting on a 3DsMax animation then the only option we have is to bring the project to Max and prepare the animation completely in Max. the timeliner sequences cannot be exported to 3DsMax.

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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

12-13-2011 02:31 PM in reply to: julianboswell

There was a class at AU where a company did just this with a script accessing the API.


The class was called "BIM and Gaming Engines: How We Present 4D Models Using Our Design Suite and Gaming Engines"


When the classes go up, take a look at the notes.


We have had similar requests, and are looking at implementing this work-around.

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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

12-15-2011 01:51 AM in reply to: julianboswell

We also have a request for high quality movies of timlinier animations. What was helpful is to install a new videocodec (xvid for example good and for free). When using the presenter renderer the result has quite good quality from my point of view. What is missing here is multi core rendering functionality because movies of 120sec take days to be ready. Does anybody know if one can replace the presenter render engine by a better one that allows multi core calculations?  


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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

06-16-2012 10:37 PM in reply to: julianboswell
This can be done, but it requires an HTML script from navis and an import script from max. It was shown at AU and just recently at RTC australia by Nicolas Broadbent from COX architects in Melborne. H e hasn't shared these scripts with autodesk or anyone to my knowledge, so its up to the users to request this feature on future releases.
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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

10-04-2012 06:02 AM in reply to: julianboswell

Does anyone know if the scripts have been released at all? I use Navisworks to produce time-realistic construction sequences but rendering takes a lifetime and the quality of the videos are poor. I'd like to link the timeliner to 3ds max like the guy does in this video:



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Re: From Timeliner to 3DS Max

10-15-2012 07:38 PM in reply to: tbstlimited

Anything further on this? would love to be able to set the timeliner in Navis and export for rendering in 3DS.

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