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Enhancing image quality of clash detective output

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11-27-2012 01:35 AM



At our company we use the clashdetective functionalities quite a lot. But we are not very pleased with the quality of the images  that the clashdetective (xml) report generates. I have been searching through all the settings, but I can't find the settings that give me the right quality of image.


Can anyone tell me how to improve the image quality of the clashdetective reports?




Mark den Heijer

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Re: Enhancing image quality of clash detective output

11-28-2012 10:21 AM in reply to: mdenheijer

Hi mdenheijer

You are able to adjust the width/height and anti-aliasing of the images that are exported in a clash report.  To do this, click the application button (top left) and hold down shift while clicking options.

Expand Registry > Current User > Clash Detective > Reports

NOTE: The reports registry key is only available after you write a clash detective report.

Here you can enter a value for the “Image anti aliasing passes” and set the image height and width for a higher resolution image.

Best regards,

John Lipp
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