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Disassembly/Assembly of Equipment

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02-24-2012 12:50 PM

I am trying to show disassembly and assembly sequencings for equipment. For the disassembly and assembly visualization, I have been supplied the  "existing state" cad file (for disassembly) or the "future state" cad file (for assembly).


For the disassembly or teardown sequences,  I have set up tasks linked to components. I have made animations of each component that shows its current location to its final lowdown area within the building site.  My objective is to have the animated components reach their destination laydown areas and "stay put".  For example, from the dismantling the machine and placing components in boxes.   I used a script that "pauses at end" but since I have several components, the "pause" is not static and reverts to its origin.


Also, I am looking to show assembly sequence of the same.  Since, I only have the future state design), I considered doing a disassembly sequence and play the animation in reverse. The end goal would be to show the  assembly from boxes to the finished equipment installation. I was looking to use scripter to do play the animations in reverse.  Unfortunately, this does not seem to work.


What would be the correct approach to show disassembly/assembly tasks when you need to also show animated movement of components to/from laydown locations, without having to have a second set of cad drawings showing appended? 


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Disassembly/Assembly of Equipment

10-15-2012 01:55 PM in reply to: strubledj

The only way I have found to run the sequence in reverse is to reverse all of the key frames.  Unless there is another way that I am not aware of...If you find a different solution to this, please let me know.



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