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Data Tools || Excel ||

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09-24-2012 08:55 AM

Data Tools

I’m having some problems getting DataTools to work,  and would appreiciate any guidance that anyone may have.


As a starter for ten, I am running a 64bit PC with 64bit Navismanage, the necessary 64bit ODBC driver has also been installed.


In brief I want to use a spec reference in the Navis model to pull information from an excel spreadsheet.  (I appreciate that excel does not provide the best prformance for this function, but for now that what we need to do.)


The following image a is excerpt of the xls spreadsheet I am using. <<See Attachement>>


The field that I want to match data to is the “Revit Type”, “Keynote” Field as detailed below.  In this case “H11” <<See Attachement>>


I have added the database under two section and configured them as per the images. 

-       File Options  -> Data Tools <<See Attachement>>


-       Data Tool <<See Attachement>>


After sometime tinkering, I’m pretty close to giving up.

Can anyone spot a school boy error?  Or am I just missing the point altogehter?

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Re: Data Tools || Excel ||

09-24-2012 08:58 AM in reply to: alanrwhite

Also - I've tried removing the WHERE statement, which does not seem to make any difference.  Therefore I suspect the issued in in the DB connection. 

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Re: Data Tools || Excel ||

10-01-2012 12:59 AM in reply to: alanrwhite

The problem appears to be in your connection string.


You have a DSN specified, rather than an ODBC driver. Unless you have created a DSN that points to the Excel file in your Windows ODBC Control Panel applet of the name DataName, this will not work.


Try selecting the driver from the dropdown combo box labelled ODBC driver in DataTools, then click Setup to use Excel's ODBC setup dialog to point to the file.


Hope that helps,



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Re: Data Tools || Excel ||

10-01-2012 01:13 AM in reply to: alanrwhite



That has done the trick!

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