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Corrupt File Content Damaging NWF file

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04-16-2012 11:14 AM

I am experiencing a huge issue when I run my building model after I updated my component files to my building model.  In my project, I have subcontractor model files in their respective folders.  When I receive updated versions of such files, I save over the older version in their respective fold.  Since they have the same file name.  These files are in NWD or NWC formats.  Then as I finish updating subcontractor files, I open up my complete building model in NWF.  But I would get a message indicating a certain updated component file is corrupt and could not load that particular file.  So the "corrupt" file in no longer listed in the selection tree.


Unfortuantely, this renders the NWF useless because I can no longer save it, export my clash view points, and make any modifications.  I tried reappending the "corrupt" files and saving it but it won't let me.  I check the "corrupt" files but they open up perfectly.  This occurs pretty much every time I have a new version of a subcontractor file.  So they only way I have been getting around this is to recreate a brand new model.


I have 2 questions:


1.  What is causing this and how can I fix it?

2.  Can I change the settings in autosave to save in NWD format in lieu of NWF?


Thanks for your help.



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Re: Corrupt File Content Damaging NWF file

04-23-2012 12:08 PM in reply to: tlin

Different Versions ?

if you use Simulate 2011 to open your NWF

and your contractor has created NWD or NWC in 2012 file format,

you could have the problem as you described.

Copy the NWF to another filename in the same location'

Download the 2013 trial version

try opening with that: is 2012 capable of openening / appdening all the NWC or NWD files ?


Other solution: ask your contractor the native CAD files or exports to DWG and create the NWC or NWD yourself.



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Re: Corrupt File Content Damaging NWF file

05-14-2012 08:13 AM in reply to: Patrick_Aps_9121

My Autodesk reseller indicated that my service pack needed to be updated, which I did.  This actually resolve the problem completely for about 2 weeks.  But I don't know what happened the problem resurfaced again.  This time it is compounded by another new problem where the model would take 45 minutes to open.  It would load everything at its normal speed until it gets to the "Working" part of the opening and it would slowed down to a rate where the file takes 45 minutes to open.  The problem was originally gone but now it is even worse.  Naviswork 2012 has really been one of the worse software experiences.

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