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Context Menus with submenus in it [ In NavisWorks Manage 2011]

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09-29-2010 04:12 AM

Hello Sir / Madam,


     I have created the Export Plug-In  using  'InwPlugin' and 'InwExportPlugin' interface to create the context menu in to the NavisWorks Manage 2011 on 32bit Windows xp system and successful in creating the context menu.

   But, next I want to create the submenus in created Context Menu.


         Menu  [ this is context menu created by addin]

            - SubMenu 1 [ I want to add the submenus]

            - SubMenu 2


     Please, provide me the information about , how I can create context menu  having submenus in it, using NavisWorks Manage 2011 API's?


Thanks and Regards,


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